Welcome to Fort Glory !!!!

 Where you will find the Highest Standards and Best Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs in the WORLD!!!   We are highly experienced with Alapahas having had them since 2001.  They  honestly are the greatest dog you can ever own. They are extremely versatile, intelligent, loyal, and loving dogs. Being as Bully as you can get while staying athletic and free of health problems!

All of our dogs are members of our family and our best friends.  They do not spend their lives in Kennels.  When outdoors, they have large yards for exercise.  With constant interaction and socialization.   We take great pride in having well trained dogs. Our dogs undergo Obedience training.  And then move on to Conformation or Weight Pulling training.

 All of our dogs are ABBA registered, the only registry where heritage matters.

The dogs used in our breeding program undergo rigorous testing.  Which includes Permanent identification in the form of Microchips, DNA Profiling , Hip testing with a certified  vet in an effort to start improving the hips of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, and temperament testing to take the guesswork out of what kind of pups we will be producing.   

Each breeding is carefully planned to produce pups that will fit into any line of work or lifestyle you want them to. Occasionally we have puppies available to approved homes. All puppies are born and raised in our home with my daughter. They are socialized and loved from birth. We also do early neurological stimulation implementing the military's super dog program.  If we do not have any puppies available you can get on our waiting list, or please let me refer you to a reputable honest breeder.

We are very active in the Alapaha World.    I am  owner of the Yahoo group: United Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Club. Link to join on the left.  

Don’t forget to sign up for our Mailing list or sign our guestbook. Please Email us if you have any questions no matter how small. Alapahas are one of our favorite topics!


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